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This is a book for those who love a love story. 

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 Je remercie tous mes nouveaux lecteurs en France, vous êtes très spécial. Je adore votre pays et Je t'aime tellemen
Ich freue mich über alle meine deutschen Leser und Ihre Unterstützung. Liebe euch                                   
                                  Я люблю своих российских читателей
                             Nǐ hǎo zài zhōngguó suǒyǒu de xīn péngyǒu
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This is a story about kids but it's not a story FOR kids ... they simply won't get it and even if they did, they wouldn't appreciate it. It's a generational Novel of  young love between two twelve year olds who share a lifestyle that focuses on family, friends and just growing up in a small Texas town during WWII. William O. Wing, a tousled-haired Catholic school boy spots Carmen Maria Bonocelli, a fiery little Italian girl walking in front of his house wearing his favorite football jersey, then proceeds to intercept her stroll and confront her with a healthy dose of male indignation. Carmen, a descendent of a long line of gypsies, has certain magical powers and quickly turns his anger into embarrassment as she temporarily paralyzes his mind and body, a trick some girls can perform even without the benefit of magic. Carmen has recently moved into William’s neighborhood with her five older sisters and robust Sicilian mother, while her father, who is an American bomber pilot, is stationed at an airbase on the outskirts of London. So begins a laughter-filled adventure, coupled with an entire inventory of firsts for a young boy and girl who fall head-over-heels in love after their initial encounter. Written in the first person, the pages are packed with a never-ending assortment of kid’s jargon and waggery, as William challenges the reader at the beginning of the book with a dictionary of hilarious “kid’s words,” providing a comical lighthearted tone and immediate insight into his fun loving personality. The story touches everyone who can remember the first time they held hands with that special boy or girl, or their first heart-racing kiss, and who can forget the first time they fell in love … at any age?  
I was brought up in middle America and the folks that live in my part of the world don't really care for a lot of blood and gore and seem to enjoy a lighter, more fun type of reading that makes them smile and laugh, even cry sometimes but in a nice way. They enjoy reading a book that is so darn interesting it's hard to put down but when they do ... they can turn out the light and be assured of sweet dreams. That's the kind of story you'll be reading.

The little guy with his hands on his hips is William age 3 and his photo is on the front of the Novel.

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