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Sorry but my blog is down and Vistaprint says it will be down for several weeks.

I'd like to keep in touch!
 Love to hear from any of my readers and get your thoughts on my novel. Feel free to leave a message at:
[email protected]

I answer all my mail!

I get more hits from Dublin than any place in the world... Thanks guys.

Liebe alle meine neuen deutschen Freunde Ich hoffe du wirst meine Bücher kaufen. Vielen Dank.

Overwhelmed by the number of of hits from the UK. Especially those small towns ... Thanks for your interest. A special wave to Birmingham and all those London readers. 

Saint-brice-sous-foret ... J'aime tous tes chers gens!!
Appreciate all those new and old readers in Kansas City, one of my favorite places in the Midwest. Especially those extra sweet ladies who enjoy the site.

Redmond Washington... a beautiful town with beautiful people who enjoy my books and blog... and one special lady who makes my day. Thanks Redmond for your strong interest I really appreciate your connection. 
Sterling, & Manassas & Boydton & Great Falls Virginia, Who'd of thunk it? You guys are special and I love all the different towns in Virginia that are checking in. 

Bonjour à mes new French-speaking friends in Montreal Quebec
J'aime tous mes nouveaux amis à Paris ... merci de me soutenir
Numerous places throughout France. The number of new French readers has been fantastic. Je aime votre pays et ses habitants.

Ich liebe alle meine deutschen Leser..Thanks again Germany for all your support and being part of the family. I hope to get to your country this fall. . I love Dnsseldorf...
Velikiy+Novgorod and Saint+Petersburg Russia have visited my site many times the last few months thanks for your continued support. More and more Russians from other areas are now buying my books and following my site so I appreciate your support and interest. 
Kiev, Lviv Ukraine ... "Little Paris." A real treat to have you as readers.

 I love all my new U.K. visitors and thanks for your very interesting email and kind invitations. Would love to visit next year.. Perhaps I can do both Ireland and the UK on a special trip. 

Thanks to the sweet young lady from Mumbai India for the wonderful review posted on Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon's website. It took my breath away. I would appreciate other readers to post a review on those sites as well.
Les Parisiens savent profiter de la vie... Hugs and Kisses to all my new Parisian friends and that special somebody. I promise I'll be back in Paris before long.  

Feel free to contact me through my email address, [email protected] aol.com  -  I'd love to visit with you.. I answer all my mail.
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