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William O. Wing - Writer
                               My Story

J'aime tous mes lecteurs européens qui apprécient mes humbles offrandes. Merci pour votre soutien continu.

I am blessed to live in Colorado and draw upon a colorful and exciting life for much of my material. My writing style is simple, straight forward and I work at telling a good story that will interest my reader. Nothing complicated about that.

My novel … SO THERE is especially written for those women who love romance and a good love story with a happy ending. If you ever fell in love when you were a little kid and it was real, not just puppy love, but the kind of love that lasts forever, then you’ll relate to this tale. There will be lots of pages that will make you laugh and cry because these could well be the things that happened to you; I know, because they happened to me. 


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