William O. Wing - Story Time my New Book
William O. Wing - Writer
  [Information on the back cover of  Story Time]

                                                                                                        Story Time
    Fun & Fanciful Short Stories

William O. Wing follows his light-hearted novel … SO THERE with a collection of fun stories about growing up and becoming a man.

The stories stretch from the mid 1940’s to the present day as Wing spins humorous tales about his family, friends and pets, as well as a few slightly bent characters. Most of the subject matter is drawn from a generation when life moved at a far slower pace and family values were more clearly defined.

You’ll experience Will’s hilarious family trip across Texas to celebrate Thanksgiving with relatives in a small country town and his extraordinary hunting trip with his dad and brother that includes a teary-eyed ending you’ll not expect.

The book closes with a fun tale about a mysterious hat that gives one the option to create their own ending, which is what the book is all about, letting the reader draw their own conclusion about the tales and characters … are they real or just a young boy’s fanciful imagination? 

STORY TIME can be purchased either in paperback or e-book at

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